Extension Cultural Competency

Training on cultural competency, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) helps our staff advance a diverse, equitable and inclusive community and workplace. This training helps staff understand the roles of power, privilege, oppression, and social identities within our communities and organizations, and broadens understanding of historical and current barriers that impact the lives of constituents and colleagues at personal, interpersonal, institutional and culture levels. Training in DEI and cultural competency helps staff to understand their own culture, socialization and social identities and to recognize and appropriately respond and adapt to cultural similarities and differences.



Navigating Difference aims to help participants become more aware of their own personal and organizational cultures, examine how personal and organizational cultures affect our ability to work with others who are different, and builds skills to increase competencies to work with others who are different.
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Michigan: Teaching Across Culture
Teaching Across Culture. Culture influences everything in our lives, including how we teach, what we teach, and what behaviors we view as appropriate from learners, teachers, and facilitators. This is a 2-hour workshop on the intersection of culture and teaching; can be delivered via Zoom or live. Shortened asynchronous version of it also available in D2L.
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Michigan: Inclusive Teaching
Inclusive teaching: Feeling safe psychologically and physically, respected, and included are prerequisite for learning. This module explores what you can do as an instructor/teacher/facilitator to create an inclusive environment that supports learning.
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Michigan: Civil Rights Overview
Civil Rights Overview: Introduction to key concepts in Civil Rights for Extension staff
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Michigan: Two Day Multicultural Self-Awareness Workshops
Two Day Multicultural Self-Awareness Workshops: All MSU Extension employees regardless of funding source or appointment are expected to attend this “cornerstone” multicultural workshop which sets an organizational framework for recognizing, understanding and appreciating differences.
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