NCCEA Directors

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North Central Cooperative Extension Directors (Updated 3/2022)


Shelly Nickols- Richardson (Patty Palmer)

217 333-5900



Angela Abbott (Jennifer Goad)

765 494-8489


Iowa State

John Lawrence (Mica Redenius)

515 294-5390


Kansas State

Gregg Hadley (Susie Wilkinson)

785 532-5820


Lincoln Univ, MO

Yvonne Matthews (Regina Thompson)

573 681-5109


Michigan State

Quentin Tyler (Laurie Sears)

517 355-2308



Bev Durgan (Cynthia Kommers)

612 624-2703



Chad Higgins (Kim Foley)

573 882-7477



Charlie Stoltenow (Carla Werner)

402 472-2966


North Dakota

Lynette Flage – Associate Director

(Lori Lymburner)

701 231-8944


Ohio State

Jackie Wilkins (LaVerne Castle)

614 292-1842


Central State, OH

Sid Dasgupta

937 376-6088


South Dakota

Karla Trautman (Vickie Prussman)

605 688-4792



Karl Martin (Lisa Brennan)

608 263-2775